Livebook notebooks do not survive "flyctl app restart"

I used Deploy Livebook on · Fly Docs a few days ago and I saved my notebook as /data/foo.livemd. After restarting the app via “flyctl app restart”, there are no files under /data. Everything I see including posts in this forum (Livebook files are not saved and lost) indicate that the launcher sets up a persistent volume for me. I see the volume associated with my account and machine. And yet, the volume’s contents don’t seem to survive container restarts. Is there a remedy?

Hi @terris2, turns out there was a bug in the app configuration used by the livebook template and the volume was being mounted incorrectly. We’ve released a fix for this and files under /data should persist if you destroy and recreate the app again using the same page.

Let us know if you have further problems!

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