Consul returning error 509

I followed the getting started with LiteFS guide, I have an app in Frankfurt.
Unfortunately on deploy I see this error:

fra [info]Using Consul to determine primary
fra [info]cannot init consul: cannot connect to consul: register node "<my-app-name>/litefs": Put "": x509: certificate signed by unknown authority

After the error Fly attempts to restart but gets the same error, it’s been going on for ~10 hours now.

Any help is appreciated

You may need to install certificates in your Dockerfile. If you’re running alpine, then you’ll need:

RUN apk add ca-certificates

The curl install on the litefs-example repo installs the certificates as part of its curl installation:

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:person_facepalming: That was it. Thank you!

I’ll add that to our docs. That’s easy to mess up. :grimacing: