LiteFS Cloud EU Region

When are you planning to add a European region?

We’re planning to add new regions soon (but no exact date planned yet), and also a feature to move between regions.

The region you’re selecting for LiteFS Cloud is just the region in which the LiteFS Cloud API is running. Your LiteFS cluster will still run in whichever regions you select when you deploy.

It’s unlikely you’ll see any negative impact of using a more distant region with the current features we have (this may become more of an issue for some future features we have planned). Basically your backups and restores might be a tiny bit slower to happen, but your app’s performance shouldn’t be impacted at all.


Okay, so the backups are stored in the region selected when deployed. Thanks!

Oh, I’m sorry, I realized I wrote something wrong!

The region you select for LiteFS Cloud is where the LiteFS Cloud API is running and near to where the backups are stored. (The backups are actually stored in S3, and AWS regions are not the same as Fly regions, but it will be geographically very close.)

But in any case, there’s no real performance impact for your app.

Now I understand maybe - is this about GDPR/making sure all your data is stored in the EU?

In that case, this is a problem, sorry for the misleading answer.

Yep, sorry, I wasn’t clear on my first question. It is about GDPR.

@gcv We added a LiteFS Cloud region in Frankfurt. We don’t currently support moving backups between regions but you can update your LITEFS_CLOUD_TOKEN in LiteFS to the new cluster’s token and it will automatically begin backing up there instead. Then you can delete your old LiteFS Cloud cluster when everything is working on the new cluster.


I did it and looks like everything works okay. Thanks you both for the support!

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