Is it possible to run LiteFS with encryption?


Im trying to find a good solution for being able to run applications with personal data of Europeean users. Therefore I strictly want to follow GDPR regulation by:

  • Deploying applications to european regions.
  • Restricting third party partnerships such as Upstash, Supabase etc.
  • Use LiteFS for database storage, SQLLite dbs locally on application VM’s is perfect for data privacy!
  • Use LiteFS Cloud for backups of SQLLite dbs, the LiteFS Cloud cluster is deployed in Europe region.

Is it possible to run LiteFS with encryption?

Read about the SQLLite extensions for encryption here:

The reason why I’m asking is because I want to guarantee my end users that no third party is able to access their personal data. There could be a situation where the SQLLite db’s are compromised. Also if as US-based country along with US state/surveillance has access to the data I’m not following GDPR to 100%.

I have read about the new Data Privacy Framework (DPF) but frankly I dont see regulations will fix the real privacy issue.

I :heart: services so would be helpful if I can reach my GDPR/Privacy related goal :blush:

Hi @Jonass. Unfortunately, encryption isn’t available with LiteFS at the moment. We have an open issue for it if you want to track it here: LTX Encryption · Issue #19 · superfly/litefs · GitHub

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