Linking to a LiteFS cluster didn't work with provided secret on creation

I was testing out LiteFS and when I run the command to initialize a new cluster, it returns a secret to add. However, this secret did not work until I changed the name.

I created the cluster with:
fly litefs-cloud clusters create my-cluster-name -r iad

It returns something like:

Cluster "my-cluster-name" successfully created in iad.

Run the following to set the auth token on your application:

fly secrets set LFSC_AUTH_TOKEN="FlyV1 some_secret_value"

When I add the LFSC_AUTH_TOKEN secret, the LiteFS cluster does not report any databases. However if I change the secret to LITEFS_CLOUD_TOKEN="FlyV1 some_secret_value", then it works. Is it a bug or is there another reason the LFSC_AUTH_TOKEN doesn’t work?

My flyctl is v0.2.31 and my docker image is copying from flyio/litefs:0.5

Hey @jstn

This looks like a typo in flyctl. The correct one is LITEFS_CLOUD_TOKEN.

Added flyctl

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