Litefs Database Not Created

I encountered an issue in my application that I believe was caused from a misuse / misunderstanding of setting fly secrets across organizations. As an aside, it would be nice to have greater isolation guarantees between organizations from the cli. Anyway, I ended up trying to recreate my entire environment from scratch by taking apps down (2), removing their volumes (2), and deleting the litefs cloud cluster from the GUI. I then began the steps from scratch and after working through some consul issues, I finally have the app up and running again. The problem is that the sqlite database is not being created in the new cluster and I can’t for the life of me figure out anything or any similar issues others have encountered. I’d love a hand if possible on what steps to take to get my app back up and running. It’s currently in development, and I am ok with total data loss at this point. I am using prisma and it 1 migration is detected but determined not to be needed to run.

Hi @john-waysoftware

Do you mean you don’t see the database in LiteFS Cloud UI? Does LiteFS itself work? E.g. can you read/write the DB in your app?

It appears that your app has two different secrets set: LITE_FS_CLOUD_TOKEN and LITEFS_CLOUD_TOKEN. I suspect that LITEFS_CLOUD_TOKEN contains a token for the LiteFS cluster that’s already been deleted.

Try to create a new LiteFS Cloud token in the UI and assign it to LITEFS_CLOUD_TOKEN secret. You can remove the LITE_FS_CLOUD_TOKEN secret as it’s not really used.

Hi @pavel, thanks for the response! To clarify, I cannot see the db in the LiteFS Cloud UI and also I cannot read/write to the db from the application. I did remove the unused environment variable and went through the create token flow one more time but still seeing the same issue. I am thinking of switching to postgres at the moment unless there may be something else sticking out to you?


Looking at the logs, LiteFS starts up without any errors. I don’t have much experience with Prisma and how the database access is configured there, so I’m not sure about this log line:

Datasource “db”: SQLite database “‘dbname’” at “file:‘dbname’”

Shouldn’t it be at file:/litefs/'dbname'? E.g. are you sure you are opening the database on LiteFS, and not on local FS?

@pavel I’m not sure how to answer that for sure, but is it fair to say that if data was previously persisting across deployments that it was litefs?

Yeah, I think so. If nothing has been changed in the app config it should work the same.
I don’t have any more ideas. Logs don’t indicate any problems with LiteFS/LiteFS Cloud, so I’m not sure what’s going on here.

No worries, and thanks for the help. It feels like a little bit of beta pain. I am moving on the postgres for the time being but excited to keep an eye out on this for the future.

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