Linking Invoice Preview to Usage Pages

No one likes “59044919 second × VM: Shared CPU” invoice lines, we don’t either! We are still working towards breaking it down better in the future. That said, we wanted to ship something simple to help you with these values right now.

If you head out to your invoice preview right now you’re going to see information links that will open the usage pages for the current billing period for that resource line.

Previously you could only see the latest 30 days, that’s not even a billing period! You’d see the current and the previous month which doesn’t help answer the questions you have when you open the preview. Now you can.

Now you can actually see the current month to reason about what’s running.

As you can also notice not all invoice lines have a correlated usage page. That’s something we will be looking into in the future too. Plus we have more plans for the usage page so stay tuned on the Fresh produce category for more.