Linking certificate to tls handler

Hello, I’m trying to deploy an app. I’ve deployed it using the below toml

app = "skyline"
kill_signal = "SIGINT"
kill_timeout = 5
processes = []


  auto_rollback = true

  internal_port = 5000
  protocol = "tcp"

    type = "requests"
    hard_limit = 250
    soft_limit = 200

    handlers = ["http"]
    port = 80

    handlers = ["tls", "http"]
    port = 443

    grace_period = "1s"
    interval = "15s"
    restart_limit = 0
    timeout = "2s"

I’ve also created a certificate for the hostname * which is shown in the dashboard linked to the app. The acme CNAME verification is also successful.

fly certs list
Host Name                 Added                Status
*  33 minutes ago       Ready

However when I try to access the request fails and doesn’t complete SSL handshake. It works fine on HTTP.

Running openssl on the domain also doesn’t show the server returning the public certificate

 % openssl s_client -connect

Am I missing some configuration to setup SSL on the app?

Thanks for the help!