Limit max 1 instance per region?

Is there a way to restrict instance numbers per region? Such as limit max=1 min=1 for each selected region.
I have an app with 3 regions and scale=3, sometimes it will try to start 2 instances in the same region, causing some weird behaviors of my app. And the only work around I have is to scale to 0, then scale them back.

Right now, the most reliable way is to add a single volume to each target region and add a [[mounts]] section to your fly.toml.

Hmm, that sounds I have to pay 10GB for each region/instance to achieve that, even my app are stateless :frowning:

There’s a way to solve this in the API, but it’s not yet exposed to flyctl. It’s my current “side” project so I’ll see if I can get it into flyctl this week. :slight_smile:

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Hey Kurt, was the final solution to this the --max-per-region flag?