kubernetes on fly

You’re probably right with not exposing the kube api publicly. I was just thinking about trying kind on fly, but yeah in hindsight it maybe a little silly :slight_smile:

I have been meaning to try k8s on Fly, so I’m into silly ideas.

“Run your container clusters in other containers” sounds like a hilarious guide to me.

With k3d even multi node clustering should be possible over the internal network I guess. I also think it can be configured to use postgres instead of etcd, so the managed postgres could also be used maybe

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etcd is pretty easy to run on Fly! I know of at least one person who got it working.

If you’re interested in trying this stuff out and writing about it in a README on github, we’ll give you service credits.

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Maybe I could start with dendrite (port 8443)?

This one I already had working (except for federation)

Docker compose would be helpful on this note. I know there are some build packs but it wasn’t clear how well they would work and some seem outdated.

Reason being is it would allow a simpler transition to fly at first, and also let you share the higher memory/cpu nodes a bit more efficiently.

On a side side note (maybe split into it’s own thread) could you post some plans in terms of future VMs? I’d be interested in high CPU optimized, and potentially in GPU.

We’d like to support Docker Compose! docker-compose to “production” is a little tricky, but we built the PG apps specifically to make progress on that.

Yes start with that! Port 8443 might work now. :slight_smile:

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