Know the current deployment strategy

Hi, at the moment, I’m interested in the deployment strategies of my fly applications.
Is it possible to know the deployment strategy used for a deployed app? How do I know if my apps use canary or bluegreen strategies?

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Hi @Richard

You can take a look in your fly.toml file to see if your apps have a strategy explicitly defined. The docs describe the available strategies.

If you don’t have anything defined in fly.toml, then your apps probably use the default strategy for the platform and type of app. If your app is still a V1 (Nomad) app, then the default deployment strategy is canary. The exception is if you have max-per-region set to 1, then the default is rolling.

All V2 (Machine platform) apps have the default strategy rolling.

You can also see the app’s strategy in the output when you run fly deploy. You’ll see a line like this:

Updating existing machines in 'your-app-name' with rolling strategy

Thank you for your prompt reply. I don’t get any similar message when I deploy, but by default I have to use a canary.

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