Is there an official way to move data between machines, apps, organization?


I have a web application that does not need much of local space. Time to time it needs additonal space

  • usually it would be like 2-10 GB
  • usually just for a minute or few

I would love to be able to

  • mount temporatily few GB of space to my Django application or
  • connect to Backblaze

But it is not possible so I wonder if I am the only one having this need of temp data space.

Now my question is how to get additional disk space. For that I created two questions

So I wonder if fly offers an official way how to easily transfer data between machines, apps or organizations.

If not could someone please explain to me how I can from Djano machine start new app with variable volume ( sometimes it would be 1 GB, sometimes 10GB) and then mount its disk to the original Django application?

Thank you

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