Is there a way to update the config of an app without uploading the app again?

Basically what the title says.

I was wondering if it would be possible to restart an app with a new fly.toml without uploading the whole app again.

By “upload” do you mean deploy? If so then no, you have to deploy to see changes to your fly.toml.

Yes, I meant “deploy” :slight_smile:

Thanks @jfent it would be a nice feature to have!

I think it is possible by pointing fly deploy to the current image ref

fly deploy --image`

and to find the image ref run: fly image show and compose it.

It is a normal fly deploy but without the image building step which is I think what you call “upload”

So the flyctl would use that image but still read the local fly.toml?


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@pier if you need to make this change more permanent, it is also possible to point to an image ref in fly.toml

app  = "my-app"
primary_region = "ord"

  image = ""

You can point to any image, even in another registry.

then you just fly deploy without --image flag.

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Thanks @dangra .

Actually the use case is… I’m working on something which is not ready to be deployed. So instead of just switching to the main branch and deploying I was hoping flyctl would have a simple command like fly config update.

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I see but flyctl can’t help with that. The way Fly apps work is by computing the changes client side and applying them to Fly machines.

Anything in fly.toml is converted to machines’ config by flyctl and then the machines are updated (or created). Sometimes the changes involve multiple calls so there isn’t a single config to update “server side”.

I’d recommend sticking to branches and deploying different apps using a CI pipeline.

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