Is lru-cache purged on every deployment


I am building a Remix site that uses LRU cache

I was wondering if the cache is automatically purged every time I deploy a new version of the app?

This is a VM, so anything not saved to a volume will be purged. I don’t know this specific implementation of lru-cache, but I assume it depends on where you are saving it too.

So the VM is completely replaced every deploy, so only mounted volumes or external storage/database will persist. Same with a Docker container, where every start, it is in it’s initial state, and it’s up to the developer to persist data outside of it.

Some cache implementations can use Sqlite which you could save on a mounted volume if you wanted to persist it. Others can use Redis (Fly has Upstash Redis integration). While others are only in memory and would 100% be purged.

Does that help?

Thanks for your clear explanation!

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