Page is getting reverted back to the time I deploy it

Hello, my site keeps getting reverted back to when I make a new deployment. I created a little blog page, and it uses an SQLite database. I put a test article in there, and when I deploy it, it shows up just fine, but when I create a new article and come back later, it just has the original test article that is in the database, and the other articles that I have added are gone.

Each deploy completely rebuilds/replaces your app. You’ll need to use Volumes to have persistent storage between deploys. And if you have multiple machines, something like LiteFS to sync your database between the different volumes.

I get that each deployment rebuilds and replaces the app; what I was saying is that even now, I posted a new article (I didn’t deploy a new app but posted it on my site from my admin panel), then 10 minutes later it reverted back to what it was initially when I deployed it before. But thank you, I will take a look at volumes, I am just confused about why every 10 minutes it gets reverted back to the original state.

How many machines do you have for that app (default is 2)? Each machine is going to have it’s own database, so you may just be bouncing between multiple machines.

Only 1 machine.

It seems that having autostop and start on is the issue. Every time the machine stops and starts again, it reverts back to its original state at deployment.

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