Is it possible to specify the Heroku buildpack type (ie nodejs or php)?

Trying to deploy a NodeJS app, by default it uses the

  builder = "heroku/buildpacks:20"

But can I set it to only use heroku’s nodejs builder instead? Right now building with that takes forever.

Whilst there’s a Go example that only uses the Go buildpack,

  builder = "paketobuildpacks/builder:base"
  buildpacks = [""]

Actually not worth it using buildpacks, it’s SO SLOW. Takes eons. Better to use a dockerfile, even if the initial start is a bit lengthly.

We recommend Dockerfiles as well. That said, if you’re not in the US and are using remote builders, buildpacks may have been slow due to using an older version of our remote builder. if you destroy your builder app and allow it to restart on your next deploy, you might see better deploy times.