ipv6 doesn't work

I have a tls listener, written in Go with my own cert and domain.
All works as expected except ipv6.
If I force curl to use ipv6 it resolves the IP correctly but returns: No route to host.
Got an idea what’s going wrong?

Can you provide a traceroute for the ipv6 route?

traceroute6 <hostname_or_ ipv6> or traceroute -6 <hostname_or_ ipv6>

Your service works fine. My local network doesn’t support ipv6.

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@jens.neuse All good! This is a common issue. Not that many ISPs + local network configurations do IPv6 by default.

You can setup a 6in4 tunnel to get IPv6 on your local machine. I haven’t tried any of these providers, but they should be pretty simple: List of IPv6 tunnel brokers - Wikipedia

You could also deploy a tunnel to Fly and use that, but it’s probably a little more work.

A maybe simpler way forward would be to set up a WireGuard gateway on Fly and run a proxy as an app; the proxy app will have good IPv6, and your local machine will have v6 connectivity to the proxy through WireGuard even though your ISP doesn’t support it.