IP ranges to use Amazon RDS.

I would like to use Amazon RDS with fly but it appears Fly uses different outbound IPs to access it.

I have added the IP for my Fly.io instance in Amazon RDS so it should have permission to use it but from what I can read in other threads fly uses different IP ranges for different regions.

I found some for AMS from 2022, but how can I get the current ranges in Fly so that I can add all of these to RDS? Eg I use AMS, DEN and sometimes DFW how can I white list all of these IP ranges so that I can use Amazon RDS?

Or is there an easier way?

I’ve also tried adding the IP which the instance seems to be using eg fdaa:3:40dd:a7b:15c:daf6:df09:2, I tried adding fdaa:3:40dd:a7b:15c:daf6:df09:2/128 to RDS inbound rultes but this doesn’t appear to work.



Unfortunately Fly do not publish their IP ranges:

You are correct - they will vary per region. Which adds an extra complication.

You also can’t get a static outbound IP (e.g to use in an RDS security group) from Fly. As you’ve seen, the IP you are shown is for incoming connections. Like for a DNS A/AAAA record to point a custom domain at your app.

You have probably already seen this thread but if you scroll up and down it you may see some ideas, like:

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