IP Address Limits / Behavior

Hi there,

I have a few questions about dedicated IPv4 addresses that I can’t find in the documentation (I know that dedicated addresses are $2/month):

  1. Is there any limit to the number of dedicated IPv4 addresses that can be assigned to an app?
  2. Does Fly make any guarantees about the dedicated IP addresses assigned to an app? i.e. that they won’t be changed by Fly without advanced notification.
  3. Are there API endpoints for allocating + releasing addresses?

Thanks in advance!

Hello! Regarding your last question, we have an undocumented GraphQL API that you could use to allocate/release IP addresses. We don’t offer any stability guarantees though, so beware that it may change at any time and break your code.

You can browse the GraphQL API here: GraphQL Playground. The two relevant mutations are allocateIpAddress and releaseIpAddress.

Thank you @jfent! Maybe @lubien has insight on #1 and 2? (Going based on who had the most recent IP related announcement :slight_smile: )

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