Introducing dashboard logs page

Hey folks, how’s it going?

Recently we pushed a new dashboard for logs. We want to give superpowers to our users and that’s one of the very first steps to that. Just a reminder that if you can also ship logs elsewhere using our Fly Logs Shipper too.

Currently, we stream logs in real-time with options to filter by region or instance but we do have some features in mind to be implemented next. However, as always, we want to hear your feedback so any suggestions are welcome.


Just shipped? I have been using this feature for week or two, at this point…

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Well, clearly, you live in the future.


The rule here is nothing is actually shipped until the person who built it writes about it. There’s lots of unshipped stuff you might be using!


All of our logs are written as JSON. Would it be possible to have some kind of filter to use directly on that page? Would be very useful for us to get only whats relevant from live logs :slight_smile: