Installing and configuring Nightscout in the

Hi friends,

I tried configured nighstscout using , I see the guide but when run flyctl launch, show the error below:

PS C:\Users\XXXXX\cgm-remote-monitor> flyctl launch
An existing fly.toml file was found for app Glicemiagabriel
Creating app in C:\Users\fabio\cgm-remote-monitor
Scanning source code
Detected a Dockerfile app
Error name argument or flag must be specified when not running interactively

Can someone help me ?


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Just try it on Mac OS, Linux…

Hi @glicemiagabriel I helped a friend with this a while back and wrote these instructions. Let me know if you run into issues again.

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Sorry for the help. I don’t understand setting variables (diy I’m correct?
/app/bin/cgm-remote-monitor $ ALARM_HIGH=”ON”
/app/bin/cgm-remote-monitor $ ALARM_LOW =”ON”
/app/bin/cgm-remote-monitor $ ALARM_TIMEAGO_URGENT =”ON”
/app/bin/cgm-remote-monitor $ API_SECRET =”xxxxxxxxxx”
/app/bin/cgm-remote-monitor $ API_MONGODB_URI=” mongodb+srv://abcd”

@Jackpol you need to create those variables with fly secrets set so that the env variables are created on your VM at runtime.

fly secrets set ALARM_HIGH="ON"
fly secrets set ALARM_LOW="ON"


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I see you are using Powershell ISE,

try using normal powershell(ps) or command prompt(cmd)