Input to the machines

Hello, I created a game server for my friend by using Docker image. But inside the pack it’s having an input for the password, I have imported the password to the .env but its somehow not working and then it’s showing this error for me.

I’m curious that how we can input manually to the machines? Thanks.

This sounds like an issue specific to the Docker image you are using. Hopefully it has documentation that explains how to set the password non-interactively.

If you are using a custom image, you should post your Dockerfile. You might be able to pass the password as input to the Java program using something like

CMD echo "$PASSWORD" | java ...

where PASSWORD is an environment variable that you can set using flyctl secrets set to avoid hard-coding the password into your Dockerfile.


I just figured out that environment in is different from others so I tried to set both in docker-compose and --env arg in cli and its worked :grinning:

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