Importing sqlite db to litefs from local machine

Hello, I think I am missing something obvious here. I have an existing app I was running in AWS utilizing litestream. I would like to transition to using litefs within to simplify deployment and automatic handling of the primary writer node. I can run and build my app fine on, but I have been unable to find out how to import a sqlite .db file from my local machine to a litefs cluster I have created on Where do I find the URL of my cluster needed for the litefs import command. I can’t find it in the UI and I can’t find any options in the fly CLI related to litefs clusters. It is ~3gb and is too large to be imported via the webui. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi… The Getting Started doc assumes that you are running litefs import on the Fly machine itself, effectively.

(In which case, you don’t need the -url parameter.)

I.e., a person would first upload his existing database to /tmp on the primary machine—and then fly ssh console onto there to do the import. (It would be prudent to turn off auto-scaling ahead of time, as well, :dragon:.)

You can check whether you do have adequate free space via…

fly ssh console -s -C "df -h /tmp"  # select primary

If not, you can probably tunnel its port 20202 through via fly proxy, but I haven’t tried that one myself before.

Hope this helps a little!

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