Image tagging

Every deployment image is tagged like

Successfully tagged<app-id>:<image-label>

Since I am using git, I am setting image-label as git commit sha. So my image tag is like<app-id>:<commit-sha>


  1. Where can I see the list of images (defined by image-tag) that were deployed? flyctl releases shows no such information.
  2. How to know which image the current deployment is using?
  3. Are these images public and accessible to others (outside the organization account)? So if others can deploy image directly without building.
  4. How long are the images in the registry available?
  5. flyctl deploy has an option --image=string :: Image tag or id to deploy. Assuming tag is the image-tag, what is the id here?


I have the same questions. I’ve tried tagging my image with a git commit sha, but then I can’t deploy that image since it cannot be found for some reason. (I’m using a remote-only option and using the default

Have you been able to get answers to any of these questions?

Thank you

  1. fly image show will give you a little bit of information about what’s currently running, no history though.
  2. You can also query the GraphQL API to get that ^^
  3. No they are not public. These are only accessible to you and your app
  4. We clean old ones up after a few days, the registry is primarily for currently running images
  5. fly deploy -i takes a full image reference, so you can use it to deploy from Docker Hub or to deploy a specific tag you’ve just pushed to our registry
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