Registry @, is there cost to this?

Hello! Loving the service so far, I’ve been using the registry quite liberally and I’m curious if untagged images remain? Also is there a cost associated with using the registry?

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

Fly registry is private (to an org) and free to use: Is container registry free ? - #2 by charsleysa

An app’s runc / docker images are deleted after a few days, apparently: Image tagging - #3 by kurt

I’ve been using the registry quite liberally

I use it as a blob store, but as Kurt would say, “…you win one round of capitalism”.

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@ignoramous Thanks a bunch! This is absolutely fantastic, can’t sing the praises of enough with this!

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Only if we can figure out how @mtlynch got those “start-up credits” (when others haven’t)…

Oh, to clarify, I didn’t get startup credits like AWS or GCP give to startups. I was talking to Fly folks in early 2021 about building on top of a service they were considering offering. As part of exploring the project, I sent them one of my hardware products, and they gave me a few hundred dollars in credit.