IEx into Your Running App

Following instructions from the above link used to work up until a week ago, but now I get the following message. The file actually exists if I look at the folder after connecting with fly ssh console.
What am I missing?

C:\Users\gobey\_dev\>fly ssh console --pty -C "app/bin/signupsheet remote"
Connecting to xxxx... complete
fork/exec app/bin/signupsheet: no such file or directory
Error: ssh shell: wait: remote command exited without exit status or exit signal

Hi @jason2023,

We recently made some changes to fly ssh console behavior that affect the working directory the console commands are run from.

Try adding a / at the start of the path to your executable (so /app/bin/signupsheet) to make it an absolute path.

With that change, I get this error. The app is running so I’m not sure why it says “no started VMs”
Error: app signupsheet has no started VMs

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I have the same error about no started VMs after deleting and recreating my app to force upgrading to v2 of the platform.

Your VMs are possibly automatically stopping because they have not received any requests. If you make a request to your app or start it manually with fly machine start, you should then be able to ssh in.

You can read more about autostop here.