WASM runtime|platform?

Fly seems a good candidate for hosting WASM apps given it’s ability to spin up microVMs rapidly, private networking, anycast addressing…

What’s missing is a platform that makes deploying WASM apps simple and enabling some foundational integration (through WASI?); at a minimum perhaps an HTTP server and acess to a key-value service

Microsoft’s (DeisLab’s) Krustlet (a Rust-based Kubelet for running WASM as part of a Kubernetes cluster) uses OCI containers to distribute WASM apps (see:
OCI distribution).

Fly could accept these containers and a variant of fly.toml to have sufficient data to deploy a distributed WASM runtime.

Perhaps there’s potential in a collaboration with wasmCloud?

WASM out-of-browser is unserved by the dominant Cloud Platforms and I sense an opportunity for clever, nimbler others.

We’ve thought about this! What’s missing from our stack is a way to distribute files/code/whatever to running VMs. It’s all very Docker heavy, and once you have app code in Docker you may as well just run a new VM.

How would you want wasm / script / etc app deploys to work?

Thanks for taking the time to reply!

My understanding is that Fly “unwinds” (OCI) Docker container images and deploys the tarballs directly to Firecracker VMs atop a Linux kernel.

I was thinking that a parallel model would detect and unwind (OCI) WASM container images and deploy the … waves hands… WASM modules… to Firecracker VMs atop a Linux kernel that includes a WASM|WASI runtime.