Error connecting to fly builder

Currently, upon a fly deploy, I am unable to connect to a builder. Doing the LOG_LEVEL=debug yields this entry being outputted every second:

Waiting for remote builder fly-builder-[redacted]... connecting ⣽ DEBUG Remote builder unavailable, retrying in 1s (err: error during connect: Get "http://fly-builder[redacted].internal:2375/_ping": dial: lookup fly-builder[redacted].internal. on fdaa:0:2eab::3: no such host)

Any ideas?

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Did this clear up over the weekend?

Yes it did – thanks for checking in. :slight_smile: Just a quick question here, if I Ctrl+C (interrupt) while the fly builder is building, before it gets to the “Monitoring deployments” stage, is the build cancelled, or does it still complete in the background?

Oh good question, I think you have it right.

Interrupting during the build cancels the process. Once the deploy itself starts, it continues in the background even after you interrupt.


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