How to stop all machines in a v2 app?

Hello, we have 2 clusters for our app, prod1 and prod2. At each release, we make the frontend point to the other cluster, and shut down the previous cluster.

How can I stop all machines in the previous cluster, preventing them from being automatically started by incoming requests, but still keeping the machines ready for the next release?

Oh, interesting!

First, have you tried a bluegreen deployment strategy instead? (flyctl deploy · Fly Docs)

If that’s not appropriate, one thing I would try is using the API to update each machine in a cluster to remove the service definition (and then bring the service definition back when needed on the next deploy): Working with the Machines API · Fly Docs

That all seems a bit complex tho - may I ask what the use case is for using 2 clusters?

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Yes we tried the bluegreen strategy but it doesn’t offer enough control.

We do this to precisely control our blue green deployments:

  • [frontend was pointing to prod1]
  • deploy backend on prod2
  • deploy frontend on staging, pointing to prod2
  • check everything works with the new frontend & backend
  • switch frontend from staging to production
  • shutdown prod1

It’s not clear to me what “remove the service definition” means, could you provide an example please?

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