How to remove sites from Google search?

I am getting started with & have a question regarding my url. Currently I created an app and given a dev url which ends in I then setup DNS in godaddy created an 3 records an A name AAAA name (for cert) & a CNAME www to point to my to get the subdomain of www to work.
Currently in google I am seeing the site in google search.

How can the site be removed from Google Search?

Our current suggestion is to use some canonical URL method such as redirecting such as 301 or using HTML metatags.

Most web frameworks would have some sort of middleware to handle domain canonicalization with barely any setup.

For reference our is a phoenix app and we use something this this: GitHub - remi/plug_canonical_host: PlugCanonicalHost ensures that all requests are served by a single canonical host.

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so I think it took a little time for the new CNAME www … record to propagate. I don’t see any of my site url in google any longer but they were there a short while after I added the CNAME www record.

@lubien I appreciate your message!

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