How to deploy code changes when using fly machines

Hey there,

how do I deploy code changes to a fly machine?

When using v1 apps I just run fly deploy --remote-only, but with machines I get this warning: This feature is highly experimental and may produce unexpected results. Proceed?.

What is the correct way to deploy new changes with machines?

Thanks in advance!

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Hey Phil,

As I understand a machine application should be updated this way:

fly m update <machine-id> -a <app-name> -p <internal_port:service_port> --dockerfile ./Dockerfile

You can get the machine Id by:

fly m list -a <app-name>

Here are the links that could help:

Update the Machine’s Docker Image. Docs.
Fly Apps on machine prerelease. Community.

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Ok I’m also doing it this way by providing the --dockerfile flag, I was wondering if this is the right way but apparently it is!

Thank you!