`deployImage` Mutation for Apps v2

I have a few Fly apps that have been automatically migrated to the Apps v2 platform; however I have one that I’ve resisted updating due to our reliance on the GraphQL deployImage mutation.

Is there an equivalent mutation for the Apps v2 platform? We’re unfortunately pretty reliant on that and it doesn’t seem to support the Apps v2 platform.

Hi @brody-next-tms! You’re correct; since Apps v2 is built on Fly Machines and moves much of the deployment logic for apps to the client side, there isn’t a direct equivalent of the deployImage mutation. There is the Machines REST API for creating and updating Machines running in your app, and for Apps v2, fly deploy itself works under the hood by using the Machines API to manipulate individual Machines.

Depending on how you’re using deployImage, I wonder if you might be able to execute fly deploy directly instead. Otherwise, you might look into using the Machines API, though I recognize that it’s unfortunately not a drop-in replacement.

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