How to create multiple servers with unique URLs for region-based selection?

I am developing a multiplayer game. Users will be able to choose any server they like, such as the EU, US, UK, and so on. There will be multiple servers per region, for example, EU-1, EU-2, and so on. I will assign a single VM per server.

However, I could not find how to duplicate the same project to meet my requirements. Each server will have to have a unique URL so that users can connect to the server of their choice.

I know that we can add regions and scale the project, and users will be routed to the closest region, but I want to enable manual selection.

Hi @ertu

Currently fly doesn’t offer per machine public IP addresses so for what you’re wanting it may be better to create an app per game server, that way each app can have its own dedicated IPv4 and IPv6.

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Hey @ertu! Another option might be to use fly-replay to let your users connect to a given server. Heres an example of how that might work:

Take a look at this blog post: Real-Time Collaboration with Replicache and Fly-Replay · Fly for a more in depth example of this model.

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Thank you guys!

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