How to coexist node and deno code in

Hello! Naive question. We have a monorepo (with turborepo) with multiple packages, all of them based on nodejs.

We are thinking on doing another front-end app using deno. The problem is that the monorepo has a ui package that we would love to use in this deno front-end app.

  • How could we reference that ui package from the deno app?
  • Turborepo manages dependencies in a topological manner. In this case it’s fine, we just need from the deno app to await the ui package to be compiled in its node environnement. But we need to await it somehow
  • Can we actually deploy in the same instance a node and a deno app? If they have to be deployed in two different instances, how to import the required packages like /ui?

I know the question is a bit weird (and probably wrong) but I hope the use case is clear

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