JS monorepo deployment with Turborepo

Hi, I’m trying to set up a monorepo with Turborepo deployment with Fly.io and run into some problems.

I looked into Fly.io doc on monorepo but not sure how it would work since I need to build all the dependencies during build.

The turborepo I’m trying out is the kitchen sink example here: turborepo/examples/kitchen-sink at main · vercel/turborepo · GitHub. I’m mainly interested in the Remix deployment right now, but Next.js and maybe a NodeJS BE in the future.

Would appreciate any help or pointer to see how I can get this to work. Thanks!

Hi Alex,

Going a bit outside my comfort zone here… please see if the below is helpful.

In the Fly monorepo link you’ve shared, there’s a link to doing multi-stage builds.

On to Remix, you could look at these for reference:

Hope this helps!