How can I scale an app with volmes?

I have an app with a fly volume. That volume is used to cache data from S3. I would like to know how to set up scaling (auto or manual acaling) for this app. When I try to do any sort of scaling, then this does not work, I get an error: Error not enough volumes named my_volume (1) to run 2 processes

The data does not have to be synchronized between instances of my application - it is okay for each instance of the app to manage the state of its own disk-based cache.

Is it possible to autoscale volumes? How can I use volumes and have my app scale up and down? Is there any way to allocate disk per instance of my app running (be it ephemeral disk, volume, or something else?)

With a traditional VM (droplet, ET2 instance) I know, or can specify, how much disk is attached to a machine. What would be the equivalent in Fly?

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You can’t autoscale volumes. You can precreate volumes with the same name, though. If you create five volumes, then your app will scale between 0 and 5 instances with no problems.