`flyctl scale` won't create new instances

❯ flyctl --verbose scale count 2 -a app-name
Count changed to 2
❯ flyctl scale show -a app-name
        VM Resources for app-name
        VM Size: dedicated-cpu-1x
        VM Memory: 4 GB
        Count: 2
        Max Per Region: Not set

App has two volumes allocated to it, allowing it to be scaled to 2:

❯ flyctl volumes list
ID                      STATE   NAME            SIZE    REGION  ZONE    ENCRYPTED       ATTACHED VM     CREATED AT
vol_XXX    created    data     1GB     gru     eb5d    true            ce351ce7        1 week ago
vol_YYY    created    data     3GB     gru     2824    true                            1 month ago

Autoscale is off. When scaling to 0 and going back to 2, it seems to work intermitentlly, most times it doesn’t scale to more than 1 instance.