Hippa support?

Is being able to sign a BAA a current feature or on the roadmap?

@thomas and I were just talking about this. We should have a better answer in the next few months, but we’d really like to extend a BAA to all customers (roughly like AWS does). It seems doable.

Incidentally, our answer for all compliance questions is “we’ll make it work if you’re a big customer”. So if you’re building something for a company that is going to spend $5k+ per month on infrastructure and you need SOC or a BAA you should email me.

Let me get some firmer numbers on anticipated spend, although my gut is that it’s not going to be that big to start.

You should mail us regardless and tell us what you’re looking to do. The BAA thing is going to happen, it’s more a prioritization thing than anything else. If you’re thinking of deploying something interesting here, we don’t want simple security policy stuff being an obstacle. :slight_smile: Our timelines might be more compatible than we’re letting on, too.

I honestly can’t find an email contact link on the web page :sweat_smile: - where should I direct the question?

support@fly.io. :slight_smile: