High level elasticsearch / docker question. Maybe I'm missing something

I’m somewhat new to Docker, but certainly new to Fly.io

I’m trying to add elasticsearch to a Rails app that has searchkick. Everything else works great. Postgres using the fly provisioning, redis through the 3rd party, but I cannot seem to figure out what steps I need to get the elasticsearch to run.

From what I can gather, I have a Dockerfile, with a rails install. That’s overly complex. I need a new dockerfile just for elasticsearch, put that into the toml file as a service, spin that up & attach it to the persistent volume?

I see docs that explain bits and parts of this, but it’s not really clear to me.

If anyone has done this or has a fly.toml script they could share, that would be helpful so I could see the bigger picture. Or a quick and dirty of how they put the parts together.


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