High latency in the Colombian region

A few days ago I noticed that there is a new region of Colombia, Bogota, a couple of days ago it said that there were no disks available, today I tried again and everything seems to work, but the latency is higher than expected.

I’m in Colombia and although the fly launch suggests Bogota to me, when I do some tests I always have higher latency, compared to, for example, Miami when I make an HTTPS request to my service.

Using the ping command I do see a slight improvement (as expected):
Miami: 62.325 ms
Bogota: 56.833 ms

But going into the service from the browser, in the exact same Phoenix app, at the same healthcheck endpoint, the “waiting for server response” is:
Miami: 62ms
Bogota: 124ms

And in the metrics graph I got this, look at the average in the bottom:


So I can only think that the servers there are lower in performance, or internally in the DC there is some network latency, or the region isn’t production ready yet?

Is this app making requests to a database or other service that lives in a single region? That could explain the latency.

It was a simple phoenix app, that indeed had a connection to a DB, the endpoint only had one query (“select 1”), as means of health check. Anyways the DB was in the same region.

I just did fly launch, in each region, also creating the DB in the same command. Unless fly launch created the DB in another region, I didn’t check that, but it is assumed that if you select a region, both app and DB are created in it.

No other external services on the endpoints that I was testing.

PD: could be great if you can add Bogota to https://liveview-counter.fly.dev/, as it seems to display real latency. So, I can test there too.