Help with deployment settings/performance for amount of site traffic

I’m getting ready to finally launch my app, but I have a couple questions still. I want to make sure that when I point the domain to the new DNS that it can handle the traffic. My current site has about 18-50 visitors at any given time. Over the course of a week I’ll get about 60k page views. During “launch weeks” where we launch a new product visitors reach 100-200 at the high peaks.

With that said I will my current settings be enough to handle the traffic? Will everything be snappy for the users(response times).

I’m on a shared cpu 1x with 1GB ram with count set to 3 and max per region not set.

Any advice to help me get up and running would be great. I’m assuming then I can monitor after its up and running to get a better idea exactly of what settings could get optimized.


Hi @spencer

It depends on what your website does. If it’s mostly static then that should easily be enough. If it does lots of heavy processing then it might not be enough. It might be worth over-provisioning to begin with (maybe to 5 or 6 nodes) then scaling back once you’ve established how many nodes you’ll need.

Hi @charsleysa

Thank you so much for the reply that was super helpful. That makes total sense to start above where I need to be. The site is mostly static with a log-in to access downloadable content behind a login with cookie sessions. I do also show/hide certain content based on if the user is logged in.

What exactly does having 5 or 6 nodes mean exactly? Is that 5-6 extra VM’s at every edge?

If I do hit a ceiling with nodes or ram in the future for some reason, will I get notified via email or something letting me know?

Thanks again!

Hi @spencer

By nodes I mean VMs, and I meant 5 - 6 total, not at every edge.

If your nodes crash due to running out of memory then you’ll probably receive an email from but I wouldn’t rely on that and instead use a monitoring service.

@charsleysa - Perfect thanks for the clarification. Still learning here!

Hey @charsleysa,

I had one follow up question after doing some research on monitoring services for JS apps and wondering if you have any recommendations?


Hi @spencer

We use Grafana with Loki, Prometheus, and Tempo for our monitoring. Fly provide a limited grafana dashboard that you can use to see the fly managed metrics.

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Woah thats pretty cool - thanks for sharing!