Health check is not disabled when auto-scaling down

Hi team,

When an app is auto-scaled down, for example from 2 to 1 machine, the related health check still runs once after the shutdown, and fails:

 2024-06-27T12:32:00.489 proxy[2871476a695698] cdg [info] App xxx has excess capacity, auto stopping machine 2871476a695698. 1 out of 2 machines left running (region=cdg, process group=web)

2024-06-27T12:32:00.492 app[2871476a695698] cdg [info] INFO Sending signal SIGINT to main child process w/ PID 314

2024-06-27T12:32:01.253 app[2871476a695698] cdg [info] INFO Main child exited normally with code: 0

2024-06-27T12:32:30.570 health[2871476a695698] cdg [error] Health check on port 8080 has failed. Your app is not responding properly. Services exposed on ports [80, 443] will have intermittent failures until the health check passes. 

This error log generates a false-positive alert.
Is it the expected behavior? Is there a trick to disable this unexpected health check?


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