Health check history on Monitoring Page

We’ve been doing some work on health checks. Here’s a new thing for y’all.

We just shipped a new thing for your app’s Monitoring Page that will tell you about previous changes from health checks. This means both the good and the bad will be there. Don’t be scared if your deployment makes a VM warning/critical, it’s okay (I assume you have multiple VMs for high availability :wink: ). For now, we only show changes that happened during the past 48 hours.

Also, did you know you could already spot those changes on your logs?

Let us know your thoughts on this!


A tiny improvement would to make a jump link from the health check to the instance.

In the current presentation, we’re going to see a hash and then want to know what it is. If it’s clickable and can scroll up the machine it represents, etc. then it gets a touch easier to figure out.

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Awesome feedback. We just shipped what I’d like to call “Focus mode” for the monitoring page:

Click on VM IDs on the VM list or on the health checks changes section and you should be already focusing on that VM with no extra trouble.