Heads up: non-breaking flyctl command changes

Hey folks. I’ve recently been brought on to fix various flyctl issues and inconsistencies. I’m going to keep this forum updated on those changes, particularly as some of these might break existing scripts and automations (though of course my goal is to keep that to a minimum.) Fortunately today’s batch of changes shouldn’t break anything. Please either file an issue or reply here if for some reason they do.

I’ve renamed a handful of commands for consistency. They’re all aliased, and as far as I’m aware there are no current plans to deprecate those. It might still be wise to update scripts to use the new commands, however. The changes:

Old/alias New
flyctl redis delete flyctl redis destroy
flyctl config display flyctl config show
flyctl pg config view flyctl pg config show
flyctl machine remove flyctl machine destroy
flyctl volumes delete flyctl volumes destroy

The obvious theme here is consolidating around show/destroy. If we missed any, please reply here and I’ll try including it in the next round of updates.



Thanks for the heads up!

P.S: you should add the announcement tag to your posts so they’re easier to find.

Thanks. First time making one of these so I’ll add tags now.