New reference doc for Redis

Greetings! I’m Chris Nicoll, and I’ve just joined to do writerly type stuff.

I’ve just done some writering on our Redis reference doc to reflect how to set up a basic Redis on today, since we’re deprecating the old Fly Redis service. Check it out: Redis on Fly


Hi @catflydotio, I followed the new instructions and deployed a new Redis app without any issues! The hint for internal addressing was helpful too, and I was able to use redis-cli -h MY_NEW_APP.internal from another app to connect. Thanks!

I have two questions:

  1. Could you publish the image code for the new image to GitHub? I found code for a previous Redis example, but it doesn’t match the steps in the published image.
  2. Could you expose a setting for overriding the eviction policy (maxmemory-policy)? It looks like the CONFIG SET command would be OK as a workaround though.

The current image should match what’s in the Github repository. Could you be more specific about what looks wrong to you?

We’d like to expose an eviction policy option. This will come along with a more robust Redis launcher we’re working on now.

Oh, I was reading the layer definitions on Docker Hub incorrectly. I can see that the Dockerfile from GitHub starts at layer 16 and the previous layers are from the base Redis image. It looks fine to me now! :ok_hand:

I’ll keep an eye out for the new launcher :slight_smile:

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@dcecile the fun thing about fly apps is you can fork them, hack on them, and deploy your own version. I was playing with the Redis app a few months back (the old version) and wanted it to use slightly different networking and include a classic redis.conf file for configuring any custom options (like maxmemory-policy), so I just added it. You can check out the last 3 commits in this fork for an example: Commits · mra-clubhouse/fly-redis · GitHub

Anyway the point is; you can do literally anything you want :slightly_smiling_face:

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Can I learn anywhere more about why the old fly redis service has been deprecated and in what time frame I need to replace it?

I’m also interested in this, if anyone can tell us!