Having two server with cdn in front, not sure what to do. Are the requests slow?


I have two servers in fly

1: web server
2: compute server

when I add regions, I add for both the servers, so they are always close to each other.

The thing is I have both of the server domains proxied through a cdn.

Would the request from the web go through the cdn and then comback to the compute server?

so adding these servers to a new region is all well slow?

should I just disable the proxy for one of the server?

or should I add another A record and redirect this web server to this unproxed A record server?

or does fly have an internal server address so my webserver can talk to the server in the same region.

Yes, if you use public IPs (depends on the way DNS records are setup, if you’re using domain names to connect).

Yeah. Use 6pn, Fly’s internal network, for best results. See: Fly io Newbie: Making internal requests between apps - #3 by ignoramous


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