Using fly-proxy for internal requests

I’m looking at moving our production workload from AWS ECS + consul to One of the things I can’t seem to figure out is how fly deals with internal load balancers. It looks like I can use consul’s DNS but then that forces me to update all of my services to constantly poll for updates so I’m not sending internal requests to unhealthy containers/VMs.

Is there a way to use the existing fly-proxy layer to route internal requests?

I know it’s possible for me to set up an entire Consul Connect service mesh on fly but I’m trying to keep the firecracker VMs as simple as possible (if I can).

We’re exploring internal IPs that go through fly-proxy (and therefore provide the user with all our proxying features).

I expect this to be available within the month!

Edit: for now, you can use our internal DNS.

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Wow! Sounds like I have excellent timing. Let me know if you want a prerelease tester!