Having network issues

I am trying to deploy new Rails application, and deployed runs successfully and i can ssh into machine and curl api locally, but the domain.fly.dev doesn’t work.

I am getting

❯ curl https://newsman.fly.dev/
curl: (35) LibreSSL SSL_connect: SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL in connection to newsman.fly.dev:443 
❯ curl http://newsman.fly.dev/
curl: (52) Empty reply from server

when sshed

# curl
<!DOCTYPE html>
  <head>Rails stuff....not important

Hmm, it seems to be maybe related to my connection, because when I connect to France VPN (same region as app) it loads fine.

I’m seeing a 403 response. Is that expected?

Yeah, I have changed so that you can only access using the origin domain.

The issue went away eventually and works without VPN, but even when I was using Cloudflare it was having issues with SSL from its Stockholm POP.

Not sure if related with this issue, but one thing that might have been happening was that I had fly-ruby gem installed and it was returning fly-replay for postgresql multi zone deployment, but because I am just playing around, I had pg in cdg and my app supposed to be deployed to cdg, but somehow it got deployed to it’s backup ams region. I had to disable the gem so that it always connect to master pg while in dev.
409 was getting propagated to the user without Fly proxy replaying or maybe it was replaying and failing. Also not sure if proxy would remove header or indicate somehow that it replayed it.