Grafana: grafana not logging anymore but LiveLogs does

As mentioned in the title Grafana in my two deployed application (one in region CDG and the other in region MAD) is not logging anything anymore, but if I go in LiveLogs view and check my application I can clearly see is running and providing logs as expected.
Second time it happend in 1 month and half.

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Same here across all apps and regions

This should be fixed since 2024-06-10T18:28:00Z; is this still the case?

Logs are flowing again, thanks.

We have evidence that the problem itself is still producing disservices yesterday 10 June. This led to the loss of a good amount of hours of logs, which is a problem… because in the event of some problem we have no evidence of what happened for a good 8 hours, given that the logs are not recovered…
Despite that, our side, the incident is now over.

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