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Yeah, we had a tiny little sidenote saying to update flyctl in the “your app has been migrated” email, but we revised it in the messages for the latest batch because it was underselling the urgency that “flyctl can’t deploy your app if it’s old” really deserves.

I’m glad you’ve got it working now! It should be smooth sailing ahead :slight_smile:

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Our app memory reduced to 232MB suddenly from 512MB. Is this due to migration?
Also now I dont see the option to increase the memory now as well!

We saw a few instances of this issue cropping up in the most recent batch of migrations (which is why we’ve temporarily stopped doing them)

You should be able to use fly scale memory 512 to get your machines back to the right size. Sorry!

Getting below error:

Error it looks like your app is running on v2 of our platform, and does not support this legacy command: try running fly machine update instead

Any command with fly machine update ?

It sounds like your flyctl might be out of date, try running fly version update to grab the latest version, then retry fly scale memory 512